Gini Toyne began independently providing services to the insurance industry, legal entities and employers in 1989 with one goal in mind: to provide the best possible case management and injury management system services to our clients using cost containment as our guide.

Now, as we approach our third decade of service, we rely on our experienced, proven success, which is in no small part due to our customers, to develop more innovative processes toward achieving our goals. We recognize it is our customers’ advice and support that has allowed us to respond to their needs for expanded products and services. We are proud of our achievements of the past several years: building a highly qualified and professional staff; achieving a high return to work ratio with effective case management cost containment and case auditing; and our highly successful injury management program designed to respond quickly to all injuries and reduce or eliminate disability. Results like these are possible only with associates who share the belief that quality, results and accountability are an end to our means.

As leaders in independent consulting services, we believe that our future is dependent on professionalism, responsiveness and outcomes.