Gini L. Toyne and Associates, Inc. provides specialized services to employers in an effort to develop and promote strategies and initiatives to contain the health care costs of business and industry, improve the health status of employees and their families, reduce health costs for employers and employees, and encourage more prudent use of health care resources by employees and other consumers. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Program Development — Utilizing a comprehensive approach to the employers’ specific needs in separate health management programs or in specific programs based on the unique problems faced by the employer.
  • Case Management — Establish and implement methodology to consistently and effectively manage cases within company policy and employment law.
  • Provider Management — Develop physician/clinic management tools that outline selection criteria and ongoing management materials for maximizing the benefit of the medical professionals and their assessment and treatment efforts.
  • Supervisory Training — Develop a supervisor training program that equips supervisors to effectively manage employees’ schedules and work restrictions that result from work injuries or non-work related injuries/illness.